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Sean Feucht is a husband, father, missionary, musician, speaker, author and founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization; Burn 24/7. His lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God. He travels to 20-30 nations per year planting furnaces of worship and prayer, training, mobilizing, leading worship and speaking. He has produced, recorded and released fifteen music albums, numerous books and teaching resources. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Kate, and is obsessed with their three children: Keturah (4), Malachi (2) and Ezra (1). He currently resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – when he is not on planes, trains or automobiles.

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New Book Release

INTEGRITY: Character of the Kingdom


In a generation of selfies, slander, and little white lies, what does a life of integrity look like? Sean Feucht can see a problem: our generation has lost its integrity. We are not true to our countries, our families, our friends, or even ourselves. Integrity is left in the dust as we chase what the world wants: the perfect body, the biggest bank account, and the most power. Many in the church have abandoned integrity and been swept downward into a spiral of hypocrisy and finger–pointing. The need for radical Christian integrity to spread throughout the world has never been greater. But what would that look like? For the answer, internationally–known worship leader Sean Feucht asked his “mothers and fathers in the faith” to explain what integrity means in their lives. With chapters from James Goll, Darlene Cunningham, Heidi Baker, Dick Mills, Charlie Stock, Stacey Campbell, Allen Hood, Ché Ahn, and Cindy Jacobs, the result is a book full of insight and vulnerability from these leaders on how to walk with integrity through your communication, your ministry, your marriage, your family relationships, your leadership, your personal finances, and your times of trial.

WHAT A HISTORIC BOOK compiled by Sean Feucht and Andy Byrd as they gathered excerpts, stories and life-changing teaching from heroic mothers and fathers challenging an emerging generation to live holding fast to INTEGRITY!

Copies will begin shipping on March 1st!

Chapter Breakdown:

Foreword by Bill Johnson

Chapter 1: Sean Feucht and Andy Byrd—Integrity: A Loving Response to the Holiness of God

Chapter 2: Heidi G. Baker—Maintaining Integrity Despite Ministry Pressures

Chapter 3: James Goll—“When You Walk Through the Fire:” Integrity and Endurance

Chapter 4: Darlene Cunningham with Dawn Gauslin—A Prescription for Integrity in Communication

Chapter 5: Dick Eastman—Going the Distance to Integrity

Chapter 6: Stacey Campbell—The Lost Heart of Integrity in Marriage

Chapter 7: Ché Ahn—Financial Integrity

Chapter 8: Cindy Jacobs—Integrity and Its Power of Moral Authority

Chapter 9: Allen Hood—Integrity, Dominion, and the Family

Chapter 10: Charles Stock—Love: Integrity’s Sure Foundation

Conclusion: Sean Feucht and Andy Byrd—Forever Marked

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#10YearsStrong 08.09.16 / /  Jakarta, Indonesia There are still no words to fully describe or emotions to contain all that happened during the “10-Year-Anniversary” Global Burn 24-7 leadership summit last…

September 06, 2016

The Feucht's Are Moving To Cali!!

ADVENTURE AWAITS After 7 years with the beautiful people of Pennsylvania (and 3 really cute kids later), the winds of change are blowing and the next adventure awaits our family! God is calling us…

June 21, 2016

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