Messengers [STUDIO]

Awake My Soul (feat. Kristene Dimarco)

Making Melody (feat. Olivia Dyer)

Let Our Love Soar

Don't Be Overwhelmed (feat. Kristene Dimarco)

Messenger (Malachi's Song)

Abide (feat. David Brymer)

Love Lovin'

The World Can Wait (Spontaneous) [feat. Kristene Dimarco]


Only Just Begun (feat. William Matthews)

The Oil, the Fire (feat. William Matthews)

No Turning Back

Photos From "Messengers [STUDIO]"

The Story Behind "Messengers [STUDIO]"

What started as a nighttime lullaby over my 2-day-old son during his first night home from the hospital has turned into a anthology of songs released over an entire generation.

These songs were birthed out of our family times of worship. As we have journeyed together on trains, planes, cars and boats across the nations with our little ones, we have carried these melodies on our lips and in our hearts. They have been sung in the company the masses, our close friends, and even strangers in the most far away and remote places.

We soon discovered that these songs, like our lullaby over Malachi (whose name means “the messenger”), were not just God’s promises over our family but were meant for an entire company of messengers arising across the earth. Some of our dearest friends rallied together to help us create and craft this sound. It is the sound of the messengers.

They are prophets, poets, artists, singers and dreamers. They are mothers, daughters, sons and fathers. They are joyful, hopeful and always persevering. They are sons of light and daughters of the day. This world has no grip on them. The rays of heaven shine down upon them. All of creation eagerly awaits to hear theirmessage. You are the messenger.